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Susan B. Anthony teaches Elizabeth Cady Stanton how to use an iPad

I made this goofy picture for something on Twitter, but I want to make sure I save this one for posterity. Anyway, here’s Susan B. Anthony teaching elder stateswoman Elizabeth Cady Stanton how to use her new iPad.

Remarkable selfies from the public domain

In honor of the Oxford Dictionary Online selecting “selfie” as its word of the year,1 here are a few examples of remarkable selfies from the public domain. Why might a work–selfie or otherwise, be in the public domain? Perhaps it’s old enough that the copyright term has lapsed. In the US that is definitely the […]

When Obama met Nixon

I modified this iconic image for a project I was working on that it now looks like I’ll never finish. Sadly, the consensus is that the image, by itself, isn’t funny. I leave it here to confuse young people.

A visit from San Francisco’s wild parrots

Earlier this week I was treated to a visit from some two dozen of San Francisco’s wild parrots, the cherry-headed conures that live on and around Telegraph Hill. It was pretty spectacular — I was sitting at the kitchen table by the window, and first one, then two, then maybe a half dozen landed right […]

Sunday morning in San Francisco

I took this photograph this morning from Bernal Hill, a little earlier than I would normally be awake because the dog I’m sitting for (Hi, Ace!) demands it. I’ve been up to the hill a bunch of times, and the view is still striking. I’ve lived in San Francisco for a little over a year […]