links for 2010-09-12

  • Thought-provoking review of a new book about the practicality of eating meat. The book’s author argues, and the pretty strongly vegan-leaning reviewer agrees, that meat can be farmed with a minimal or beneficial impact on the environment if the global agriculture system were to be heavily reformed.
    (tags: [article]( [review]( [environment]( [vegetarian]( [vegan]( [agriculture]( [food]( [meat]( [guardian](
  • Interesting collection of thoughts from Anil Dash on forking as a feature, and not the “nuclear option” of a f/oss community project.
    (tags: [anildash]( [linux]( [linustorvalds]( [opensource]( [freesoftware]( [fork]( [git](
  • Absolutely amazing walkthrough of a museum of Soviet Arcade Games outside of Moscow. This is too cool. Also cool is the Flickr set he links to at the bottom of the article.
    (tags: [arcade]( [videogame]( [ussr]( [russian]( [gallery]( [museum]( [moscow](
  • Charming description of a trip through midtown without stepping foot on the avenues. (It’s an update on something John Updike once wrote about.) I think about this kind of thing all the time when walking in Manhattan.
    (tags: [humor]( [newyorker]( [manhattan]( [nyc]( [midtown]( [article](
  • Spot-on parody of the really terrible “Blam!” thing Disney’s been doing, applying that treatment to the opening montage in “Up.” Watch for “INCONCEIVABLE!”
    (tags: [cartoon]( [animation]( [disney]( [up]( [pixar]( [blam]( [funny]( [video]( [youtube](