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links for 2010-09-15

  • These are 10 really smart and well-reasoned responses to criticisms levied against this US citizen who refused to answer questions upon re-entering the country. Surprisingly effective in communicating what initially seems like an obnoxiously hard-line position.
    (tags: [america]( [government]( [travel]( [privacy]( [security]( [politics]( [borders](
  • Very smart implementation of the Facebook "Like" button by social network site Chocobrain. "Click two times for better data privacy," means Facebook can't track you until you consent to it.
    (tags: [chocobrain]( [smart]( [facebook]( [privacy]( [like](
  • It looks like the "master key," which is used to generate HDTV keys, has been leaked. If true, it means that the HDTV copy protection is broken, effectively creating a digital "analog hole."
    (tags: [copyright]( [drm]( [technology]( [video]( [cryptography]( [encryption]( [security]( [engadget](