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links for 2010-09-23

  • Stuxnet is the craziest malware since Conficker, and if you believe the hype, it's way crazier. Four hitherto unseen Windows zero-days and it targets PLCs! Some researchers are suggesting it was built by a nation-state level entity to target Iran's nuclear power plants, but Schneier in unconvinced.
    (tags: [security]( [bbc]( [iran]( [stuxnet]( [virus]( [article]( [crazy]( [microsoft]( [windows](
  • A discussion from Cory Doctorow about how a lack of statistical literacy and password fundamentals leads to inconvenient and insecure practices. (Also: maybe I'm dense, but this didn't seem like satire. Isn't it weird to call your piece "A modest proposal" and then not be over-the-top satirical?)
    (tags: [corydoctorow]( [guardian]( [security]( [banking]( [passwords]( [statistics](
  • A somewhat conspicuous but still rather small wearable camcorder/bluetooth headset that can buffer up to five hours of running footage and store four. Next step towards Snowcrash "Gargoyles."
    (tags: [camera]( [technology]( [wearable]( [video]( [gadget]( [privacy](
  • This scary technology takes advantage of the eight or so different places cookies might be stored, and leaves a copy in each spot. If any, but not all, of the cookies get erased, the remaining ones will replace the deleted ones.
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  • A profile of Dr. Luke, one of the masterminds behind a surprising number of smash hits in the past few years: "Tik Tok," "California Gurls," "I Kissed A Girl," "Right Round," etc etc. The description of his "curatorial" role is particularly interesting.
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