Monthly Archives: November 2010

What if the largest states had the biggest populations?

I came across a very interesting map by redditor JPalmz that showed the countries of the world, re-arranged to match population with land area. I thought it was very cool, so I decided to do the same thing with US states. You can see the results below, but you may need to click through to […]

Kindle screensaver transit map pack

UPDATE: I’ve done a lot of work on these and put together a much more polished version, which is now available in a later post. I’ve put together a set of screensaver images for Kindle models with 800×600 displays. (That’s all of them except the DX, as far as I know.) The collection is all […]

Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

I’m heading out to the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona tomorrow through Friday. I hope to meet lots of interesting people there, talk about lots of interesting things, and hopefully write something up for these pages. Say hi if you see me there!