Kindle screensaver transit map pack

UPDATE: I’ve done a lot of work on these and put together a much more polished version, which is now available in a later post.

I’ve put together a set of screensaver images for Kindle models with 800×600 displays. (That’s all of them except the DX, as far as I know.) The collection is all segments of transit maps from around the world. For this first version, I’ve limited it to a handful of systems I’ve ridden, so this one includes ten maps from the US and Europe.

This is an early version, and doesn’t yet include a “Slide and release the power button to unlock” notice or anything. I’ll probably add that and improve the contrast on some of the images, which came out a bit gray. I’m happy to take other feedback, or suggestions for maps to include in later versions.

In case you haven’t done so yet, you can find instructions how to jailbreak a Kindle and add custom screensavers on the MobileRead wiki.