Monthly Archives: December 2010

A response to the Harvard Crimson’s “A Sensible Compromise”

This post is cross-posted from the Students for Free Culture blog. I’ve also submitted a shorter version to the Crimson as a letter to the editor. “A Sensible Compromise,” an editorial published in the Harvard Crimson last week, described the actions of the MPAA in urging universities like Harvard to develop a “written plan to […]

Metro Maps Kindle screensaver pack, v1.0

Expanding on last month’s very rough Kindle screensaver experiments, I’ve now put together a real set of ten nice looking close-ups of subway maps from cities around the world and packaged them for use on the Kindle. In order to install any kind of custom screensaver, you’ll need to perform the (very simple) Kindle “jailbreak” […]

Some thoughts on “When Free Software Isn’t Better”

Earlier this week I read a new essay by Benjamin Mako Hill called “When Free Software Isn’t Better.” Although I found it incredibly insightful, the reaction to this essay hasn’t been universally positive. The criticism has focused on a perceived attack on the Open Source Initiative. I want to address why I think Mako has […]