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Dice mosaics

I put together some mosaics of common images using dice faces as tiles. So far they only exist in computerized form, but the hope is to buy some dice wholesale and actually arrange some of these on a board. I’m still experimenting with what kinds of source images make for good output, but for now I’ve stuck to simple black-and-white symbols and line drawings. I’d like to start using more grayscale and complex shapes, but the challenge is keeping the image clear at a resolution low enough that the dice are still discernible and reasonable to arrange. (Some of these contain thousands of dice, which is a bit impractical.)

I’ll make a how-to in a future post, and after that I hope to document the actual construction of one or a few of these. Also, I relied heavily on, and am very thankful for, an excellent free software tool called Metapixel.