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HOWTO: Transfer OTR private keys between Adium and Pidgin

I recently re-installed Ubuntu on my home computer, and wanted to move my office Mac’s Adium OTR key and collected fingerprints over to the new install. I had some trouble, but got it eventually, so I wanted to document the process.

The first step is to make sure you’ve got Pidgin and Pidgin-OTR installed on one computer, and Adium on another.

Adium stores the OTR private key and the fingerprints in

~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/otr.private_key
~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/otr.fingerprints

Pidgin, on GNU/Linux, stores the OTR private key and fingerprints in


It’s worth noting that neither application stores these keys encrypted. The threat model assumes that if an attacker has access to your Adium 2.0 or .purple folder, you’re already compromised. But that means you have to be extra careful about transferring these files from one computer to another: obviously, sending your key in a cleartext e-mail is not a good idea.

Anyway, harmonizing is just a matter of copying both files from one location to another, and then modifying the key slightly to match the format that each program stores it in. I was disappointed at how poorly documented these formats are, but fortunately the always impressive Guardian Project has gone through and documented each program’s file location and format in order to build a tool to convert files between different IM client formats. The tool’s not done, and so far only converts to their Gibberbot mobile IM client, but the README contains all the information you need.

In the case of Adium to Pidgin key transfer, which both use the standard libotrname field, which is an integer in the Adium config file, needs to be changed to the actual account name. The protocol field needs to be changed from libpurple-jabber-gtalk (in the case of a GTalk account) to prpl-jabber.

You may need to turn Pidgin’s OTR plugin off and on again, but it should recognize your key, and all of your verified fingerprints should show up as well.