Monthly Archives: April 2012

Conversation’s just fine, thanks: a response to Sherry Turkle

Every once in a while, my Iron Blogger group decides to take on a common topic. At our meet-up this week, a handful of us agreed to take on last week’s Sherry Turkle op-ed in the New York Times. It’s called "The Flight from Conversation," and it seems to cover some of the same territory […]

The impossibility of imagining information retrieval in the past

It’s harder to imagine the past that went away than it is to imagine the future. What we were prior to our latest batch of technology is, in a way, unknowable. It would be harder to accurately imagine what New York City was like the day before the advent of broadcast television than to imagine […]

Interesting questions from the CC 4.0 draft discussions

I’ve been following the discussion about Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v4.0d1. This release is an important one for many reasons; one is the sense that v4.0 is expected to remain in place even longer than the 5+ years v3.0 has been final. Creative Commons has been very straightforward about precisely what’s changed [pdf] and what are […]

Lessons from the Reynoso report

I spent some time this weekend reading the Reynoso Task Force Report [pdf], the findings from a group of UC Davis professors, students and administrators, which assigns responsibility for the November 18 pepper spraying incident and delivers recommendations to the administration. I highly recommend reading the report. It is extremely readable and direct, and provides […]

Maiden voyage for my Public Laboratory balloon mapping kit

Last weekend, Trevor and Maira and I took the balloon mapping kit I received as a reward for backing the Public Laboratory Kickstarter project out for a spin. The kit is simple and inexpensive by design. It contains a 5.5 foot balloon, a very long string and winder, rubber bands, and assorted clips, rings and […]