Monthly Archives: May 2012

IP above all else

It can be hard to point a finger at exactly what is so offensive about the way the copyright lobby pushes its agenda. The rhetoric is sometimes charged, but I don’t think the problem lies in the moral foundation of intellectual monopolies (although some people certainly object to them on ethical grounds). I also don’t […]


Sonic tourism in San Francisco

I’m really intrigued by the idea of sonic tourism — going to places to experience the acoustic landscape there. There have been a few efforts to document sound destinations, including the wonderful Sound Tourism, but nothing that feels comprehensive. There are at least a few kinds of sonic tourism spots, and some of the impressive […]

Site redesign

If you fall into the intersection of people who have looked at this website before yesterday and people who are looking at it after today, you may notice that I’ve given it a bit of a spitshine. It’s still on WordPress, but in place of the venerable DePo Skinny theme, it’s now using a custom […]