Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pwn the Drones presentation at HOPE

Last week my colleague (and fellow @drones operator) Trevor and I had the opportunity to present at the HOPE9 conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York. It was an amazing conference and I was really honored to get to speak there. Our presentation was titled “Pwn the Drones: A Survey of UAV Hacks and […]

Six months of Iron Blogger SF

I can’t believe six months has already passed, but I realized the other day that I’ve been running Iron Blogger SF for half a year now. A lot has happened: we’ve added a bunch of members and lost a few, too. We’ve had great meetups, gotten to know each other a bit better, and with […]

Not *that* kind of hacker

Two articles that crossed my desk today described the difference between the two kinds of hackers. Howard Rheingold offered this distinction in his memoir of the WELL: (when “hacking” meant creative programming rather than online breaking and entering) The New York Times chose to explain it in a story about “hacker hostels” 1Incidentally, fellow Iron […]

Golden Gate Bridge, minimal

I’m not much for drawing, but I’m working on a set of minimalist representations of San Francisco icons for a project right now. I’ll post more about that project later. For now, here’s my rough take on the Golden Gate Bridge. Note: it looks awfully orange to me, but that’s the official CMYK mix for […]