Golden Gate Bridge, minimal

I’m not much for drawing, but I’m working on a set of minimalist representations of San Francisco icons for a project right now. I’ll post more about that project later. For now, here’s my rough take on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Note: it looks awfully orange to me, but that’s the official CMYK mix for the color.

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  1. What’s your preferred format for making modifications? I’m afraid I did this in a kind of silly way, but I can work on exporting it in a manner that hides that fact.

  2. Source files of icons and minimalist stuff should always be SVG. And even if you did it in a silly way, you can just mark some elements and join them (using Inkscape). Except if you mean MS Paint silly.

    Regarding the project itself, I really like the iconic representation on the cover of Golden Gate Bridge: History and Design of an Icon.

    (By the way, the name input for the comment form here is limited to 20 characters, would be cool if you could bump it up to 34.)

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