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Six months of Iron Blogger SF

I can’t believe six months has already passed, but I realized the other day that I’ve been running Iron Blogger SF for half a year now. A lot has happened: we’ve added a bunch of members and lost a few, too. We’ve had great meetups, gotten to know each other a bit better, and with a convention of the Global Iron Blogger Council this month,1 we’ve even expanded the rules to establish reciprocity for members of different global chapters. Very nice.

I’m really proud of some successes we’ve had. To the extent that more people are writing blog posts more often, that’s huge for me. I know that my volume has gone up significantly since starting, and even when there are lulls of a few weeks here and there, my numbers are up across the board. There’s also been some cross-pollination and introductions that may not have happened otherwise, and I’m happy to have pushed those further.

As our little chapter of Iron Blogger keeps chugging along, I would like to develop some aspects further. I’d really like to see more interaction between Iron Bloggers on their blogs, in things like comment sections and response posts. We’ve experimented with blogging on a common theme in a given week, and it actually works pretty well. And it’s come up before, but I’m really interested in encouraging more diversity within our network in terms of both participants and content. Some of these issues just require that I put in a bit more work each week, and I’m more than happy to do that.

After six months, I remain convinced. I think the Iron Blogger model is a really great one, and it’s good to be running a chapter.

  1. an email thread between Mako, Michelle and me.