SXSW panel proposals

I’ve submitted two proposals for panels at next year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin. I really hope one of them gets picked. The PanelPicker is currently open for voting (I’d appreciate your votes!) and then I’ll know later this year if I’m in.

Ebooks: A Coming War for the Soul of the Library will be with my friends Audrey Evans and Nancy Sims (@CopyrightLibn) and cover the issues libraries face as publishers push for an ebook licensing model to replace the current 108 and first sale regime. I made a video to explain the panel:

The second panel proposal is called Drones Gone Wild, and will be with my colleague Trevor, as well as Ryan Calo and Nabiha Syed, who’s currently a First Amendment Fellow for the New York Times and who has been instrumental in the EFF/MuckRock drone request campaign. (Trevor and I previously spoke together about drones at HOPE and we co-operate @drones.) We’ll be talking about the rise of domestic drones and the privacy problems they introduce.

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