Monthly Archives: September 2012

My sceneries from the plane window

I was really struck by Maira’s “Sceneries From The Plane Window,” so I decided to shoot my own on my trip back from Portland. Her camera is better than mine, and the conditions in her plane were a bit better suited for photography, but I like the way some of these turned out. The object […]

Copying and creativity at day one of XOXO

The talks at day one of the XOXO festival have been incredibly high quality: actual innovators and creators of disruptive media and technology have relayed their experiences of eliminating middlemen and charting new territory for success. It’s just amazing to see what a cool group of people have come together for this event. One common […]

On burritos, sandwiches, and the law

The influential federal judge Richard Posner turned some heads recently with a long review of Justice Antonin Scalia’s new book Reading Law. In the critique, which serves as more of a general indictment of Scalia’s school of textual originalism, Posner digs in with some strong words. The whole thing has kicked off a back-and-forth worth […]

Answering Paul Kelly’s “how many?” questions

I like this song by Paul Kelly, called “Careless.” It’s embedded below: He asks a few questions in the song, and I’ve got the answers. How many cabs in New York City? There are 13,237 taxis regulated by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. How many angels on a pin? I think the […]