Monthly Archives: December 2012

Connecting to SFPL-Wireless

The San Francisco Public Library has the right idea about offering unfiltered Internet access. When you connect to the open wifi network, you’re given this notice and the ability to click right through: San Francisco Public Library is committed to providing free and equal Internet access to the public without filtering content. We do, however, […]


Tetris may be the perfect game, but the beauty of its play is woefully ephemeral. Worse, the lack of a consistent and robust system for recording and annotating individual tetromino drops has, for decades, stunted serious scholarship. The problem is clear. Now, Tim Hwang and I have proposed a solution. Presenting 1Yes, Tim presented it […]

A closer look at the “Girl on Fire” copyright lawsuit

Last week Earl Shuman, a songwriter behind several hits in the 50s and 60s, sued Alicia Keys for copyright infringement in her recent single “Girl on Fire.” He alleges that the song infringes a tune he wrote in 1962, which was recorded as “Hey There Lonely Girl” by Eddie Holman and which peaked at #2 […]

My dad on UPS bike messengers

I enjoyed getting this update from my dad about meeting a local UPS bike messenger. During the holiday season, UPS puts some of their drivers on bikes to reduce fuel costs and increase capacity while they’re delivering more packages than during the rest of the year. Here’s the description my dad sent me in an […]

Former Register of Copyrights says terms are too long

In November 2005, Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters gave an impressively candid answer about copyright terms being too long, and that she thought such a situation was a “big mistake.” Unfortunately link rot has begun to set in, and it was somewhat difficult for me to track down a copy of the video. (When BoingBoing […]