Kicking off year two of Iron Blogger SF

I’ve just completed the wrap-up of the first week of Iron Blogger SF, year two, and man am I excited this time around. By almost every measure, Iron Blogger SF has been a success for me: I’ve written many more posts, been much happier with the way my writing has developed, and as a side benefit have gotten much more traffic than I ever have before. (It’s small numbers, as ever, but the graph is up and to the right, so who can complain.)

In case you don’t know how Iron Blogger works: if you’re participating, you commit to posting a blog post each week. If you succeed, great, and the other Iron Bloggers are a built-in group of readers. If you go a week without posting, you put $5 into a pot, and eventually we use the pot to fund a get-together with some drinks. It’s fun.

After a year, I’m really starting to feel some ownership of the program, and starting to think about ways we can tweak it to better serve our particular group and to help diversify the pool of bloggers. I think everybody is better off if the collection of blog posts each week cover a bunch of different topics from as many different perspectives.

Are you in San Francisco and interesting in joining? It’s been a great way to ease into blogging regularly. Let me know if you’d like to sign up.

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  1. Lots have happened lately, and we still haven’t discussed this, but I will go ahread and jump back in. Um, I don’t think there is anything I need to do, ne? (Besides write, of course.)

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