Monthly Archives: April 2013

How to defeat terrorism

Bruce Schneier’s essay on today’s bombings in Boston helped shake me out of the daze I found myself in since hearing the news this morning. I am far away from Boston, and knew nobody in the blast radius, but the ability to keep refreshing feeds to read more news, hear more rumors, see more pictures, […]

The amazing library in Psy’s “Gentleman” video

Psy — he, of course, of “Gangnam Style” fame — is back with a second video called “Gentleman.” A day into its existence, it’s pushing 30 million views. Anyway, there are a few shots of a pretty incredible location that caught my eye. Psy and his crew are dancing on a set of steps, surrounded […]

A visit from San Francisco’s wild parrots

Earlier this week I was treated to a visit from some two dozen of San Francisco’s wild parrots, the cherry-headed conures that live on and around Telegraph Hill. It was pretty spectacular — I was sitting at the kitchen table by the window, and first one, then two, then maybe a half dozen landed right […]

April Fools’ Day EFFector, 2013

As with last year, I played a central role in putting together this year’s April Fools’ edition of the EFF newsletter. It’s hard writing things that are supposed to be funny. I also feel, and I can’t tell if this is just confirmation bias, like maybe people are pretty much over April Fools’ Day jokes […]