April Fools’ Day EFFector, 2013

As with last year, I played a central role in putting together this year’s April Fools’ edition of the EFF newsletter. It’s hard writing things that are supposed to be funny.

I also feel, and I can’t tell if this is just confirmation bias, like maybe people are pretty much over April Fools’ Day jokes online. I had fun putting together this newsletter, but it seems like each year there are fewer jokes on other sites that I actually enjoy.

(ThinkGeek is usually an exception. Let’s see what they’ve got this year.)

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  1. I had suggestions for all my clients, but no one took me up on it, because they were too shocking. Probably because I have so many advocacy groups. It should be shocking, if it is important work.

    Otherwise, it is just normal sarcasm and goofiness, the same I employ the rest of the year. ^_^

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