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The pirate drawings of 1922

Yesterday I posted a ship in a bottle from the 1922 book “Pirates,” and today I’ve had a chance to clean up a few more images, including most of the actual named pirates described in the book. The book seems to be scanned on a setting for text, and so the pictures require just a […]

Ship in a bottle

I cleaned up this illustration from a scan of the title page of Pirates (1922). The illustrator is the great Claud Lovat Fraser. The book came out the year after he died.

“Where was the outrage then?” ask the trolls

Working on drones, and increasingly in the conversation around Google Glass, I keep hearing a common refrain from people who don’t understand other people’s concerns. “There are surveillance cameras on every corner in major cities, helicopters with cameras overhead, and constant tracking in a million other ways,” the argument goes, “and where is the outrage […]