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I moved a month ago, September 1, to a new corner in San Francisco. In two years here, I’ve lived in the Mission, in Noe Valley, in Bernal Heights, in Pacific Heights, and now in Hayes Valley. The picture above is my corner, as photographed by the Google Street View car in April 2011.

Courtesy of OldSF, here’s a photo of the same corner (same angle!) from 1929:


Look at the stairs, across the street on the left side, and how they match with the current construction. And across the street on the right, the building now obscured by a tree but just the same.

Even more exciting to me, from the same site, is the photo from a year earlier, in 1928:


A horse, right there on the street! And look, on this side of the street, on the left, the building is under construction.

San Francisco’s got a lot of interesting history for a relatively new place. It’s nice to feel like I’m part of it.

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  1. Such a killer find! I just moved to Adams Point in Oakland, and I’ve gotten curious about what the area around Lake Merritt looked like 100 years ago. Fun! ^_^

  2. I can’t believe that house on the right is still the same! I guess I’d better believe it.

    The building on the left (the one that’s still being erected in 1928) looks the same, too, even though at first blush it doesn’t seem so. I think the Street View stretches the image a bit so it seems like there’s more wall between the windows and the corner of the building in the modern-day version, but the pushed-out bay window, with the pair of windows with rounded corners under it, and another pair of square windows below that, remain the same. This is really nifty!

  3. Nice green spaces evident today.
    My grade 9 Language Arts students are engaged in “Past, Present, and What’s Next?” PBL research. What will your residental corner look like in the next century or two? Can you recommend an ‘app’ that might ‘age’ a neighbourhood?

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