Guide to security guides

Here are some resources I’ve found very useful for getting through the many communication options that are presented as secure.

  • The State of Mobile, Cross-Platform, Encrypted Messaging” – This is all about mobile apps for end-to-end crypto. My money’s on TextSecure once it’s out for iPhone. Since the major version upgrade it’s been one of my favorite examples of workable crypto software.
  • Next-generation secure email” – Who knows what’s coming next for email? We need something that allows text and media to be transmitted in an end-to-end encrypted asynchronous (but fast) channel. This guide breaks down the various options well.
  • Two Factor Authentication List” – This one’s a little different, in that it aims to be an exhaustive list of all the places the 2FA are available for users. It accepts pull requests, so if something’s missing, add it! There’s also a second list, which breaks down the services by category and how the second factor is delivered, but it’s not quite as comprehensive yet.

What am I missing? Let me know and I’ll add it in.