Illegal spying below: my trip over Utah

I flew in an airship over the NSA’s Utah data center yesterday, as part of a joint action organized by Greenpeace and EFF. It was really a remarkable experience, and we were lucky enough to get it covered by a pretty wide range of media. Here’s a small sample:

The airship itself looked pretty incredible. EFF has more photos taken from the helicopter, but here’s one, credit to Greenpeace:

Utah Airship Flight

I also got some photos from in the airship itself. The obligatory selfie with me and Sim, the pilot for Greenpeace:

And of course some of the data center itself (here in the background):

More to come, both in terms of story and images. Follow the EFF blog to keep up!

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  1. Jim Tyre
    Posted 28 June, 2014 at 22:18 | Permalink

    Hey Parker,

    Just the proof we needed that you’re full of hot air. ‘-)

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