Dropping docs on Jacob the painting police horse

Muckrock has written an article on Jacob, the painting police horse of St. Petersburg, Florida, based on documents I obtained through a public records request to the local police in April. There’s no scandal here, but it’s fun to read about a city so smitten with their talented equestrian officers.

Perhaps my favorite missive comes from Kevin King in the Mayor’s Office, who writes:


The painting police horse is rivaling Dali in terms of popularity in St. Pete right now.

Can your office work with Yolanda Fernandez in Police on harnessing this situation?

FYI – the most recent request came from Larry Biddle w Arts Xchange who would like the horse for a fundraiser (I believe)….

But they’re pretty much all like that. Many more clips over at Muckrock.

One small note: alongside the Jacob request, I filed one on info about the trademark applications on another celebrity police horse in St. Petersburg—Amos the Wonder Horse—and came up empty handed. That’s a bit strange, considering the trademark was filed in January—it was just published for review a month ago—but you’ve gotta pick your battles.

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