Monthly Archives: September 2015

Limiting Javascript to secure origins in Firefox

I’m a Firefox user, but I was very interested to read Chris Palmer’s guide to privacy and security settings in Chrome. One thing he did that really intrigued me was enabling Javascript only on secure sites. It ends up being a pretty good default not just because it prevents attacks that rely on Javascript injection—like […]

200 Deeplinks at EFF

The article I published about the (qualified) public domain victory in the Happy Birthday case this week was my 200th post on EFF’s blog Deeplinks, an event that—like the 100th post two years ago—calls for a little reflection. I’ve picked out some of my favorites in posts 101-200, below. In Pushing For Perfect Forward Secrecy, […]

HOWTO: Diff PDFs pixel-by-pixel on the command line

There was a major order in the Uber class action case today: the class was certified, which means that the suit can be on behalf of 160,000 drivers, instead of just the handful putting their names on the documents. Big deal! Then a few minutes later, the court issued an amended version of the order, […]