Monthly Archives: October 2015

Mad Generation Loss

Mad generation! down on the rocks of Time! Mad Generation Loss is a project exploring media encoding and the ways in which imperfect copies can descend into a kind of digital madness. It takes an audio file—here, a recording of Allen Ginsberg reading an excerpt from his seminal poem “Howl”—and adds another layer of mp3 […]

Outline Bling

I. You used to call me     A. on my cell phone     B. late night     C. when you need my love II. I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean     A. one thing III. Ever since I left the city you:     A. Got a reputation for yourself now         1. Everybody knows         2. I feel […]

Vegetation Wants To Be Free, a Wikicon talk on pomological watercolors

I spoke last weekend at Wikicon USA about the several months I’ve spent learning about—and making more publicly available—the pomological watercolor collection I wrote about in these pages last April. The talk is now online, and is about 20 minutes (and a bit frenetic).