Outline Bling

I. You used to call me
A. on my cell phone
B. late night
C. when you need my love

II. I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean
A. one thing

III. Ever since I left the city you:
A. Got a reputation for yourself now

  1. Everybody knows
  2. I feel left out
    B. Got me down (and I feel stressed out)
    C. Started
  3. Wearing less
  4. Going out more
    D. (Having) glasses of champagne on the dance floor
    E. Hangin’ with some girls I never seen before
    F. And me just don’t get along
    G. Go places where you don’t belong
    H. Got exactly what you asked for
    I. Run out of pages in your passport

IV. These days all I do is wonder
A. If you’re bending over backwards for someone else
B. If you’re rolling backwoods for someone else
C. Doing

  1. Things I taught you
  2. Getting nasty for someone else

V. You don’t need
A. No one else
B. Nobody else

VI. You
A. Should just be yourself
B. Right now you’re someone else