New square backgrounds for @pomological

I’m happy to say I’ve fixed the most frequent complaint I’ve gotten about @pomological: the images, while great, are overwhelmingly in the portrait orientation, making the preview images on many Twitter clients—and especially—kind of lousy.

No more! Beautiful squares on a color hand-picked to match most of the painting backdrops.

To address this, I had to learn a little about pillow, the leading Python image library. Now, when the bot downloads a random image from the watercolors, it draws a new neutral-colored box that’s a little longer than the painting’s longest side, and pastes the thing in the center of that.

The hardest part was ensuring the resulting image was in a format that Twitter can understand—especially because this is one of the handful of things that changed in between Python 2 and 3. But I persevered, and read a lot of documentation, and now it’s live.

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  1. Posted 11 February, 2016 at 12:41 | Permalink

    You can use Pillow to find the most frequent color in an image like so:

    i ='foo.jpg')
    h = i.histogram()
    r, g, b = h[:256], h[256:512], h[512:]
    most_frequent_color = (r.index(max(r)), g.index(max(g)), b.index(max(b)))

    Sacrificing consistency for maybe better fit?

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