UPDATED: Official translation of Der Spiegel article

Der Spiegel has posted on their website an official English version of that article that I translated last week. Interesting to compare and contrast: the official translation is more confident (i.e. more willing to deviate from the original structures and phrases in order to improve flow) and consistent with tenses, but there aren’t any significant […]

Paulstretch on Ubuntu 10.04

There’s been a lot of slowed-down action on the web in the past few days after a particularly hilarious slowed-down version of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” generated over half a million plays on SoundCloud yesterday. Shamantis, the artist behind the recording, pulled off the hitherto considered impossible feat of making Bieber sound like Sigur Rós. […]

Google/Verizon, one week later

It’s been one week since Google and Verizon announced a policy framework proposal that would do away with traditional network neutrality in the mobile space and possibly prompt the establishment of a second “premium” internet. Apparently this proposal has touched some nerves, and there’s been a lot of great writing about it. Nearly everybody I’ve […]

Knowledge Explosion, in translation from der Spiegel

UPDATE 19/8/10: An official English version of this article has now been posted on the Der Spiegel website. A little while back, the blog Against Monopoly linked to an article in der Spiegel that looked at the  work of the economic historian Eckhard Höffner, who has proposed that the intellectual development in Germany in the […]