Knowledge Explosion, in translation from der Spiegel

UPDATE 19/8/10: An official English version of this article has now been posted on the Der Spiegel website.

A little while back, the blog Against Monopoly linked to an article in der Spiegel that looked at the  work of the economic historian Eckhard Höffner, who has proposed that the intellectual development in Germany in the 19th century was dramatically increased by the lack of copyright law in that country. It’s really interesting to me that this viewpoint, which might be considered a bit fringe or extreme in the US, is picked up and reported by the mainstream press, so I’ve translated it below. If anybody has corrections for my translation, please leave them in the comments.

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My profile of Solo Goodspeed

Over on the SoundCloud blog, I’ve got a user profile up of the musician Solo Goodspeed. He’s a very nice guy, and his music is really interesting and eclectic, reminiscent (in a very good way) of some of the more symphonic Frank Zappa pieces. Some neat insights come out in the interview, and I really enjoyed talking with him. Here’s his track “Delirium Trimmings,” which is cool.

first post

Hello there.

I decided I’m going to try giving this blogging thing another go. Bear with me, I guess.