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Published crosswords

After years of solving, in 2020 I began constructing crossword puzzles for submission to the mainstream and independent outlets that run them. Here is a list of published puzzles, with links to solve where available.

2022/06/16 The New York Times Untitled (Thursday) (with Ross Trudeau)
2022/01/15 Wall Street Journal Carbon Neutral (with Jessie Bullock and Ross Trudeau)
2021/09/22 Universal Crossword Don’t Burn After Reading


2022/10/02 Rosswords Let’s Split Dessert! (with Ross Trudeau)
2022/07/22 Boswords Summer 2022 Acting Shifty (tournament puzzle 4)
2022/05/25 AVCX Classic Low Scores (with Malaika Handa)
2022/03/27 Rosswords Labor Unions (with Ross Trudeau)
2022/03/20 Rosswords Where Do You Get Off?! (with Ross Trudeau)
2022/01/20 QVXWordz Exit West (Grid Charlemagne)
2022/01/09 Rosswords Chap Shtick (with Ross Trudeau and the Cursewords Live Crew)
2021/09/22 Adam Aaronson Recycled Packaging (with Adam Aaronson)
2021/03/28 Rosswords Evergreen Content
2021/03/07 Rosswords Baby’s First Word (with Ross Trudeau)