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My Android “personal dictionary”

I’m having an issue on Android where every time I type the letters D-O-N-T it corrects to “DONT” (and not “don’t”). I can’t figure out to fix that, but in my attempts I came across my personal dictionary of words I’ve added to the spellcheck. I think this list is pretty hilarious. Here it is, […]

Clickwrap privacy isn’t the answer

Two sets of mobile app privacy stories have broken into the mainstream press this month. The first half of the month was dominated by “addressbook-gate”, where Path (and then, it turns out, many other iOS applications) were found to be uploading and storing users’ phone contact lists to their servers. In the firestorm that followed, […]

Voluntary obsolescence: checking out of the upgrade cycle

This week I purchased a new cell phone. I’ve been using my current phone, an HTC Desire Z (dubbed the G2 by T-Mobile in the US), for a little over a year and it’s time for an upgrade. Or maybe it’s a sidegrade. Instead of buying the newest model on the market (or waiting for […]