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How to defeat terrorism

Bruce Schneier’s essay on today’s bombings in Boston helped shake me out of the daze I found myself in since hearing the news this morning. I am far away from Boston, and knew nobody in the blast radius, but the ability to keep refreshing feeds to read more news, hear more rumors, see more pictures, […]

Bad civic hygiene

Bruce Schneier has a great cautionary quote about technology and its tendency to be subverted: It’s bad civic hygiene to build technologies that could someday be used to facilitate a police state. He’s used the line in a few essays: one about data reuse and the role of the US census in Japanese internment, one […]

Lessons from the Reynoso report

I spent some time this weekend reading the Reynoso Task Force Report [pdf], the findings from a group of UC Davis professors, students and administrators, which assigns responsibility for the November 18 pepper spraying incident and delivers recommendations to the administration. I highly recommend reading the report. It is extremely readable and direct, and provides […]