Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon

I had a great time this weekend editing Wikipedia at the San Francisco satellite of the Art+Feminism edit-a-thon. Check out the venue: There were a few dozen people there, mostly new to editing, all excited to contribute some work. And we got a lot of great stuff done! I spent most of the day teaching […]

Copyright reform in Australia and Brazil

One of the excellent things about running Copyright Week—and there were many—is that copyright activists around the world gave some top-level overviews about what is going on in their countries. Two of my favorite came from regions where copyright reform has been long promised but yet to materialize: Australia and Brazil. Here’s what’s going on […]

Remarkable selfies from the public domain

In honor of the Oxford Dictionary Online selecting “selfie” as its word of the year, 1personally, I think it’s too soon to tell; historically, some of the best words appear for the first time in late November or early December. here are a few examples of remarkable selfies from the public domain. Why might a […]

Bill McKibben and the “currencies” of change

Salon has run an interview with Bill McKibben, a longtime journalist and environmental activist. His journalism 25 years ago played a major role in bringing climate change into the public’s attention, and his work with his organization has moved opposition to the Keystone pipeline to a prominent position. I found much of the interview […]

Supreme Court gets it right in Wiley v Kirtsaeng

It’s really great to read today’s Supreme Court decision in Kirtsaeng, in which a bad opinion could have had very profound and negative consequences way beyond the normal contours of copyright. I attended the oral arguments in October (during Hurricane Sandy!) and wrote it up for EFF. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the decision since then, […]