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HOWTO: Graph your GPG keyring

We had a keysigning party at work today, and after it finished a few of us were looking for a way to visualize the newly increased signature density. It turns out the best tool for the job is called sig2dot, which is available in the Debian repositories (and as a Perl script on its homepage). […]

Implementing a CryptoParty Oneself

There’s an important rule in the cryptography world: you should never implement it yourself. So much can go wrong in the implementation of a crypto-system that you’d better leave it up to experts. Funny, then, that exactly the opposite rule applies to planning CryptoParties. Saturday I hosted the first CryptoParty SF at Mozilla’s San Francisco […]

Stanford Cryptography and #CryptoParty

I recently finished the free online Stanford cryptography course offered through Coursera and taught by Dan Boneh. It’s a challenging class, with at least four hours of lectures a week, and it actually took me two attempts to get all the way through it. I’m really glad I did though: cryptography is a tremendously empowering […]