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Candidates saying cyber, now with more music

Building on the previous cyber-supercut, here’s a new video that incorporates all the cybers from all of the general election debates, both Presidential and Vice-Presidential, set to music from Mr. Robot. By popular demand: here's the presidential and VP candidates saying "cyber" with Mr Robot music in the background pic.twitter.com/wL3XbAp4HG — Parker Higgins (@xor) October […]

Every “cyber” in the first Clinton/Trump debate

The first debate between Clinton and Trump featured the word “cyber” 11 times. With any luck, the next one will have even more. Here they all are: Every mention of "cyber" in the presidential debate pic.twitter.com/V2yxVfJpdE — Parker Higgins (@xor) September 29, 2016 I edited this together with Openshot, which was a surprisingly tolerable experience.