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All of my Deeplinks blog posts

After five amazing years, I’m done (for now) at EFF. It’s impossible to boil the experience down into numbers, but here’s a big one: 215 Deeplinks blog posts bear my name as author. Here they are, collected in one place for posterity. After the first hundred and the second hundred, I picked out some of […]

200 Deeplinks at EFF

The article I published about the (qualified) public domain victory in the Happy Birthday case this week was my 200th post on EFF’s blog Deeplinks, an event that—like the 100th post two years ago—calls for a little reflection. I’ve picked out some of my favorites in posts 101-200, below. In Pushing For Perfect Forward Secrecy, […]

April Fools’ Day EFFector, 2014

For the third year in a row (see 2012, 2013) I’ve put together the April Fools’ Day edition of EFF’s EFFector newsletter. I feel like the tide has really turned against online April Fools’ jokes, but to my mind this is something different. There’s no trying to trick people, no ha-ha-this-is-the-opposite-of-what-we-normally-do, no lame fake acquisition, […]

If it wasn’t an endorsement, what was it?

I helped Maira edit an excellent piece that she wrote for the EFF blog this week called “How Can the New York Times Endorse an Agreement the Public Can’t Read?” Fortunately, the article has gotten a lot of pickup, and I think it’s raising some very important questions that haven’t hit the mainstream. (In part […]

My first 100 EFF deeplinks

Over on the EFF “Deeplinks” blog, I’ve just published my 100th post,  an intro to the cryptographic property of perfect forward secrecy. One hundred strikes me as a nice big round number, averaging a little more than one a week since I started in November 2011. Here are some of my favorite posts of the […]