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Kicking off year two of Iron Blogger SF

I’ve just completed the wrap-up of the first week of Iron Blogger SF, year two, and man am I excited this time around. By almost every measure, Iron Blogger SF has been a success for me: I’ve written many more posts, been much happier with the way my writing has developed, and as a side […]

Six months of Iron Blogger SF

I can’t believe six months has already passed, but I realized the other day that I’ve been running Iron Blogger SF for half a year now. A lot has happened: we’ve added a bunch of members and lost a few, too. We’ve had great meetups, gotten to know each other a bit better, and with […]

Announcing: Iron Blogger SF

The first week of the new year: time to make resolutions about the sort of person you want to be, and the sorts of behaviors you want to have. Go to the gym, blog more, that sort of thing. Of course, these promises don’t usually pan out on the strength of the resolution alone; you […]