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Ex Postal Facto and mail art

Today I got a chance to check out the last day of the Ex Postal Facto conference, made up of a few panels at the San Francisco Public Library. The conference was dedicated to mail art, and today’s panels featured a handful of people that have been in that scene for decades, including these two: […]

The amazing library in Psy’s “Gentleman” video

Psy — he, of course, of “Gangnam Style” fame — is back with a second video called “Gentleman.” A day into its existence, it’s pushing 30 million views. Anyway, there are a few shots of a pretty incredible location that caught my eye. Psy and his crew are dancing on a set of steps, surrounded […]

Connecting to SFPL-Wireless

The San Francisco Public Library has the right idea about offering unfiltered Internet access. When you connect to the open wifi network, you’re given this notice and the ability to click right through: San Francisco Public Library is committed to providing free and equal Internet access to the public without filtering content. We do, however, […]

Britannica, bookstores, and bundle failure

Tim Carmody’s Wired opinion piece about Wikipedia, Windows, and the Britannica is the best piece of commentary to come out of the vaunted encyclopedia’s announcement this week that they’re discontinuing their print edition to focus on their online product. Not to diminish Wikipedia’s importance in the encyclopedia world and Britannica’s decision, but there are a […]