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If it wasn’t an endorsement, what was it?

I helped Maira edit an excellent piece that she wrote for the EFF blog this week called “How Can the New York Times Endorse an Agreement the Public Can’t Read?” Fortunately, the article has gotten a lot of pickup, and I think it’s raising some very important questions that haven’t hit the mainstream. (In part […]

Walking the Ohlone Way

Maira and I were walking around her neighborhood in Glen Park when we stumbled across a tiny road called Ohlone Way. It’s pretty charming. It’s properly marked as a street, but the entire length is unpaved, and not much wider than a single car across. It rained a few days ago, and the ground was […]

My sceneries from the plane window

I was really struck by Maira’s “Sceneries From The Plane Window,” so I decided to shoot my own on my trip back from Portland. Her camera is better than mine, and the conditions in her plane were a bit better suited for photography, but I like the way some of these turned out. The object […]

Maiden voyage for my Public Laboratory balloon mapping kit

Last weekend, Trevor and Maira and I took the balloon mapping kit I received as a reward for backing the Public Laboratory Kickstarter project out for a spin. The kit is simple and inexpensive by design. It contains a 5.5 foot balloon, a very long string and winder, rubber bands, and assorted clips, rings and […]