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Hosting change

Just a quick meta note: I’ve moved this site to a new hosting situation, but there shouldn’t be any disruption to its availability. I’ll probably also be looking into different CMS options while I’m here at Recurse Center.

New plugin: WP Emphasis

Advanced users of the New York Times may know about the “two-shift click” trick on that website: hit the shift button twice on any article page, and you then have the option to link to specific paragraphs or even highlight arbitrary sentences throughout the article, in a way that’s stored in the URL so you […]

Site redesign

If you fall into the intersection of people who have looked at this website before yesterday and people who are looking at it after today, you may notice that I’ve given it a bit of a spitshine. It’s still on WordPress, but in place of the venerable DePo Skinny theme, it’s now using a custom […]