A visit from San Francisco’s wild parrots

Earlier this week I was treated to a visit from some two dozen of San Francisco’s wild parrots, the cherry-headed conures that live on and around Telegraph Hill. It was pretty spectacular — I was sitting at the kitchen table by the window, and first one, then two, then maybe a half dozen landed right […]

Walking the Ohlone Way

Maira and I were walking around her neighborhood in Glen Park when we stumbled across a tiny road called Ohlone Way. It’s pretty charming. It’s properly marked as a street, but the entire length is unpaved, and not much wider than a single car across. It rained a few days ago, and the ground was […]

My sceneries from the plane window

I was really struck by Maira’s “Sceneries From The Plane Window,” so I decided to shoot my own on my trip back from Portland. Her camera is better than mine, and the conditions in her plane were a bit better suited for photography, but I like the way some of these turned out. The object […]