Stand up with the workers — #BARTstrike

The rainbow lines of BART always appealed to me, and I got an idea this morning to isolate just the lines and turn the colors up to something brighter. I’ll probably use the concept again, but in light of the ongoing strike (and especially in light of yesterday’s fatal accident), I decided to dedicate the […]

The 18 flags of San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza

San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, between City Hall and the Main Library, is a beautiful public space with a bunch of flag poles. In addition to a handful in the corners of the plaza, there are two rows of nine of them along the central walkway, each flying a different flag. Many of those flags […]

How to defeat terrorism

Bruce Schneier’s essay on today’s bombings in Boston helped shake me out of the daze I found myself in since hearing the news this morning. I am far away from Boston, and knew nobody in the blast radius, but the ability to keep refreshing feeds to read more news, hear more rumors, see more pictures, […]