Parker Higgins in sunglasses standing in a forest with a tote bag over his shoulder and a mirrorless camera hanging around his neck. Behind him, a cairn built by Andy Goldsworthy.

Hi, my name is Parker Higgins. I’m an artist and activist living in Brooklyn. My work has addressed the interplay between technology, society, and the law, with a focus on copyright, speech, and privacy issues.

I currently work as a Developer Advocate at Tailscale, helping computer people build more human-friendly networks. I previously worked at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, first as Director of Special Projects and then as Director of Advocacy, and before that as an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Since 2020, I have picked up the hobby of constructing crosswords. Puzzles I’ve constructed have appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, and many other outlets. I am also a programmer, and some of my programming projects can be found on my Projects page or my Github profile.

I am a graduate of NYU Gallatin, where I concentrated in Creativity, Freedom of Speech, and Intellectual Property. For a while I lived in Berlin and worked for SoundCloud. I like public transportation systems and their maps, photography, vegetarian food, and good science fiction.