These are some of the things I’ve worked on or developed. I’m always on the lookout for fun projects that I can sink some energy into, and I think a good project is the best way to learn a new skill.

    • Five Useful Articles is a weekly newsletter about copyright, trademark, patents, and related news. I write it together with Sarah Jeong and we aim to be funny. That’s a pretty easy job, given how absurd a lot of the laws already are.
    • @drones is a frequently updated stream of news and views on drone tech and policy, both domestically and around the globe. It’s jointly operated with Trevor Timm.
    • CryptoParty SF is the San Francisco branch of the CryptoParty series of events. For the most part they consist of workshops and demos of crypto tools and concepts, targeted mostly at beginners and novices. Anyway, I organized the events in San Francisco (with a ton of help). The first was in November 2012.
    • Iron Blogger SF is about blogging and beer. Participants must post something to their blogs each week; if they fail, they have to pay $5 into the pot. When the pot’s full, everybody goes out and drinks. There have been a few Iron Bloggers before in other cities, and I started organizing the San Francisco chapter in January 2012. It’s now run by Ben Gleitzman.